Appellate Litigation

Our attorneys are skilled advocates and brief writers who have represented clients in federal and state courts of appeals in Washington and throughout the country.  We find that crisp, plain-spoken briefs best serve our clients’ interests.  And we value presenting not just forceful and persuasive legal arguments, but also telling a compelling story.   

A capable appellate advocate and thinker is an asset in any dispute, regardless of the substantive law that governs it, but our attorneys have particular expertise in the following areas: 

  • The False Claims Act;
  • Federal Pleading Standards;
  • Class Certification;
  • Contract Interpretation, including Enforcing Arbitration Clauses;
  • Federal Preemption;
  • Standing;
  • The Commerce Clause;
  • The Constitutionality of Punitive Damages Awards;
  • Employment Disputes;
  • Section 1983 Actions;
  • Free Speech; and
  • A Criminal Defendant’s Rights.