Commercial Litigation

Yarmuth Wilsdon represents clients — large and small — in a wide variety of business disputes, including securities litigation, employment litigation, real estate transactions, fraud claims, equine law matters, environmental litigation, misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair business practices, shareholder and partnership disputes, and contract actions.

Representative clients and matters include:

  • Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle — The firm, along with co-counsel in New York, currently represents the FHLB of Seattle in the prosecution of claims against eleven investment banks, (including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Countrywide, Bear Stearns, Credit Suisse and Bank of America) to rescind the FHLB’s purchase of several billion dollars of mortgage backed securities.
  • Deloitte LLP — The firm has represented Deloitte in numerous matters over the years.
  • David Capobianco and Navin Thukkaram — The firm recently won a judgment for more than $20 million in an arbitration against Vulcan Capital, Paul Allen’s private equity investment entity, on behalf of two former top level Vulcan employees.
  • DIRECTV — Beginning in 1995, the firm has acted as national counsel for satellite broadcaster DIRECTV in developing and implementing legal strategies to combat signal theft. The firm is credited with pioneering novel uses of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other federal statutes to obtain civil writs of seizure and other relief.
  • News Corp. — Since 1996, the firm has represented News Corp. in a series of anti-piracy and related litigation matters, including lawsuits brought by US and foreign broadcast companies alleging unauthorized dissemination of protected encryption technologies.
  • Cornish College of the Arts — The firm successfully prosecuted through trial, contract claims on behalf of Cornish College against a real estate developer, resulting in judgments in favor of Cornish College totaling several millions of dollars.
  • Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Company — The firm represented WRECO in arbitration and litigation regarding the major master planned real estate and PGA golf course development at Snoqualmie Ridge.
  • Pegram Enterprises — Pegram Enterprises consists of restaurants, real estate and thoroughbred horse racing and breeding facilities, and numerous investment companies. The firm has represented Pegram since 1995, including handling lawsuits in Arizona, California, Washington and Kentucky (involving the breeding rights to Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner, Real Quiet).
  • IDX Systems Corporation — The firm successfully represented IDX (a subsidiary of GE Healthcare) in federal court litigation brought by a former employee involved in a federal research project who claimed that IDX had fraudulently billed the government. The employee’s claims were dismissed.
  • Premera Blue Cross — The firm has represented Premera Blue Cross, the largest health insurer in Washington state, and defended Premera in connection with the government’s investigation of allegations in a qui tam lawsuit arising out of the company’s duties as the regional fiscal intermediary for the Medicare program. The firm also represented Premera in connection with the wrongful termination lawsuit brought by the former company employee whose allegations prompted the investigation.
  • Motion Picture Association of America — The firm’s lawyers have represented the MPAA’s members (Warner Bros., Paramount, MGM, Universal, Sony, Disney and Fox) since 1973 in litigation throughout the western United States.
  • Recording Industry Association of America — Since 2003, the firm has played a major role in assisting the RIAA in anti-piracy efforts directed at illegal file sharing.
  • Wedbush Morgan Securities — The firm represented this California based securities firm in a state court class action securities case arising out of a fraudulent $20 million bond offering.

The firm litigates a broad variety of cases, and is dedicated to their efficient, economical and timely resolution — but has the experience and capability to go to trial on behalf of its clients if that is what is required to obtain the best possible outcome.