Effective September 30, 2021,Yarmuth LLP has closed its doors.  

26 years ago, Richard Yarmuth and Scott Wilsdon started a law firm with the goal of creating a “respectful community” -- a place that encouraged respect and fellowship among thoughtful people, did quality legal work and provided a livelihood to its people.  The Firm's values included integrity, being gracious (even in response to incivility), and providing the opportunity to learn and to grow.  It was about trying, in the simplest ways, to be good lawyers and good people. 


As that Firm closes its doors, we are proud to be able to say that we earned the respect of, and made enduring professional relationships and friendships with, our  clients, colleagues, and peers in the legal community.  We can say in closing that we are proud of our efforts and grateful for the opportunities we enjoyed.  


Thank you all.